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  2. Too oblivious or just plain stupid
  3. When Religion Gets In The Way
  4. How Much Worse Is The Economy Going To Get?
  5. Anyone notice the fascism?
  6. Should we invest in Geo-engineering?
  7. Politicians! Do we really need them?
  8. Blueprint for a Better World
  9. Get the Hell Out of....
  10. Darwin too controversial for America
  11. Cannabis Sativa - Why we love it!
  12. Sex before marriage: yes, no, meh
  13. Evolution Debate
  14. Obama and PETA
  15. SETI is 50
  16. JK Rowling denied medal by Bush
  17. The arrogance of clergy
  18. Public Option Compromises Gain Traction
  19. Health Overhaul Is Drawing Close to Floor Debate
  20. Dems question GOP doctors' opposition to health reform
  21. Holy Shit
  22. Lost Bill Moyers Documentary The Secret Government 1987
  23. The Ugly of War
  24. Teens & Sex in Europe
  25. Americans Attack Themselves To Justify War ~ Historical Facts
  26. Political Parties
  27. Honduras - Fault Lines - 100 Days of Resistance
  28. UN Investigator Warns US on Use of Drones
  29. Violence: An American Tradition
  30. Stealing a Nation, a Special Report by John Pilger
  31. How Ayn Rand Became an American Icon
  32. 23 CIA Agents Convicted in Italy for Kidnapping Egyptian Cleric
  33. Live By The Sword...
  34. Sheldon Wolin
  35. Miniature earth...
  36. The Story of Cap & Trade
  37. Recent Dinner Party at the White House
  38. Over A Million Innocent People Perished In A War Based On A Lie!
  39. Why Mythbusters won't test RFID
  40. NSA took part in the development of Windows 7
  41. My Strange Town, Alice Springs....
  42. Internet censorship plan gets the green light......
  43. Rising Ape or Fallen Angel
  44. For Ferre
  45. How the media manipulates us.
  46. Can you imagine???
  47. The CIA, the biggest terrorist organization on Earth
  48. State of the union.
  49. Chilcot Inquiry
  50. Simple Brain Washing
  51. Scott Brown!
  52. Work Sucks!
  53. Americans seeking asylum in Britain
  54. The Lack of a War On Road Traffic Accidents
  55. Gay Marriage, what's the big deal
  56. Do you have to be religious to be ethical?
  57. 'Nuff Said
  58. Liberals and atheists are smarter?
  59. Privacy Matters
  60. Catholic Child Abuse
  61. UK Election Party Political Broadcasts 2010
  62. CFR Media Control - Councile on Foreign Relations
  63. On The Stupidity Of War
  64. The human cost of conflict minerals
  65. Free speech in Sweden
  66. The irony of it all
  67. Israel,..anyone?
  68. The Scheme ~ Happy as Larry -or- Poverty Porn?
  69. Deepwater Horizon
  70. The Bilderberg conferences
  71. Alvin Greene???
  72. Same ship?
  73. Turkmenistan...
  74. US Hyperinflation Gold Meltup
  75. Toronto G20 - The Shape of Things To Come
  76. Welcome To This World
  77. Islamic Cartoons
  78. US War Crimes: Cancer rate in Fallujah worse than Hiroshima
  79. A Clockwork Orange, anyone?
  80. America is going down HARD
  81. Lookie here!
  82. Media War - Iraq
  83. Earthlings
  84. The Republicans FINALLY figured out how to bounce back
  85. The Anniversary of 9/11
  86. When the "Terrorists" were "Freedom Fighters"
  87. Pope arrested in UK over child sex scandal cover up.
  88. The Truth About Terrorism
  89. Payback time; ACS-Law leaked emails
  90. U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey; results
  91. The Gandhicam project
  92. CIA Escalates in Pakistan
  93. $189 billion in profits to buy elections, but none for jobs
  94. How pot prohibition was sold in the 70's
  95. This is satirical right? Right?
  96. Which of the following rights could you do without?
  97. This will give the powers that be
  98. CIA Drug Ops Conspiracy (unaired documentary)
  99. Does Torture Work?
  100. A great sentiment but...
  101. A dangerous tuition fees protester for sure
  102. American the something or other...
  103. For my Canadian friends - money for nothing
  104. Marshall McLuhan on the Ford/Carter debates...
  105. Meanwhile in Egypt...
  106. I lied about WMDs
  107. Nuclear power good idea?
  108. Al Franken and Ann Coulter
  109. Royal Wedding Purge 2011: Charlie Veitch Arrest
  110. Reports Of Osama Bin Laden's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
  111. Nice Move, Iceland!
  112. Discrimination experiment...
  113. To the Oppressed in the World
  114. H.R. 676
  115. Buddhism...
  116. Aldous Huxley interview 1958
  117. Silver Halo
  118. Michele Bachman's insanity to a next level
  119. Good Job NATO! Qaddafi Is Dead!
  120. Political Pictures Thread
  121. Katherine Hepburn on religion...
  122. Ayn Rand on Atheism...
  123. Zappa on schools...
  124. FDR's "Fala" speech... in bits...
  125. Republicans - new low
  126. Republicans finally found tax cut they don’t like
  127. Should Scotland leave the Union
  128. Republicans- will they say NO?
  129. Libertarians Don't Like It
  130. Jesus a Buddhist Monk?
  131. Atheist brands
  132. I Hate Politics - But I Like Lee Camp
  133. Trayvon Martin and the Black Male Code
  134. Ending Your Life When You Choose
  135. Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all
  136. Sky News admits hacking emails
  137. Amazon pays no tax in the UK
  138. UK government 'approved Abdel Hakim Belhaj's rendition'
  139. Happy Naked People
  140. The 6th Extinction...
  141. Former Israeli security chief says leaders misleading public on Iran
  142. The world is square...
  143. Amendment One in NC
  144. GMO Humans Already Exist
  145. Charlie Booker and Adam Curtis on TV "news"
  146. Bamboozled
  147. Monsanto
  148. Mitt Romney's advice to business leaders on employee voting – it's legal
  149. Obama Wins Second Term
  150. Watch out Sweden: Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world
  151. 20 States petitioning to secede
  152. ConDems: Government Work Programme
  153. Atos A Fucking Joke
  154. Cockroaches done it again
  155. Flip-Flop in record time
  156. And in keeping with the season, Atheists are better for politics than believers
  157. The Party is over
  158. Chris Christie: GOP ‘Shame On You’
  159. Dispose With Term Limits? Really?
  160. One step closer to total control - Anonymous message to Canada
  161. For MLK Day...
  162. Jim Garrison responds...
  163. All Americans Should Be Forced to Read This
  164. Quebec language police?
  165. Hiding the Truth of History From the Future
  166. Canada Muzzling Scientists!?!
  167. Thatcher funeral: Police plan to arrest protesters under 'draconian' Public Order Act
  168. Drone Strikes
  169. Rob Ford: Is he for real?
  170. Google ordered to hand private customer data over to FBI investigators
  171. Atheists challenge churches' free parking permits
  172. Isn't anyone going to mention Bilderberg this year
  173. Melvyn Bragg criticises Richard Dawkins 2012
  174. Mass protests planned over web NSA spying revelations
  175. US army blocks access to Guardian website to preserve 'network hygiene'
  176. Is this True?
  177. Lavabit Shut Down
  178. Do They Know Your Inside Leg Measurements?
  179. Google claims that UK law does not apply to them
  180. Iceland's POV...
  181. Monkey Court
  182. ECPA Reform
  183. Gay Bombs!
  184. It's a Rigged Game
  185. Well, how do you like these apples?
  186. Any opinions on the Scottish referendum?
  187. Methane bomb?
  188. Getting their virgins
  189. Mhairi Black maiden speech in House of Commons
  190. Humanity From Space
  191. The Bomb
  192. McV
  193. Mulcair on Trump in Canadian Parliament
  194. Canadian politicians argue over the use of the word 'fart' in Parliament...
  195. Antifascists or Antifa
  196. School Bans Expensive Canada Goose Designer Coats To Stop 'Poverty-Shaming'
  197. Politics sucks...