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    Thumbs up BTWIMHO @ Twitter

    We're officially on Twitter now.
    Actually, we have been for a while. Created the account for BTWIMHO quite a while ago but hadn't done anything with it.

    Follow BTWIMHO on Twitter

    Please do follow us and tweet the threads you like.
    I would appreciate it.

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    Oh heck! I've only just got rid of my Twitter account. I could never think of anything to tweet.

    Which is ironic considering the number of pointless posts I make on the forum. I actually found it quite limiting. I like words too much. I have to act like I'm in a sardine box on twitter, if that makes sense.

    I find it too introspective. I keep thinking, who the hell is gonna want to know what I just found in my navel. Apart from Ed, not nobody is who.
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    Got it. Following and followed.

    I do admit to not really liking Twitter, but I've noticed that more and more random people seem to follow me every month. I have no idea where they find me. So I keep it up. So be it.
    Ed Womack
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